Orestis Georgiou

Researcher and Program Manager at Ultrahaptics

Bristol, UK

Dr Orestis Georgiou is an experienced researcher with four years of industry R&D activities, an impressive multi-disciplinary publication record, and a wide set of high quality skills. Orestis was educated in Applied Mathematics at Bristol University, seasoned as a physicist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS), and matured as a wireless network engineer at Toshiba’s Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL). With over 40 published articles in leading international journals and flagship conferences of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Medicine, and three pending patent filings, Orestis is a highly motivated researcher capable of innovating in a diverse set of research fields and technology areas. Finally, Orestis is an excellent presenter and communicator, an experienced network scientist, and an expert user of Wolfram’s Mathematica package.