Dmytro Kuiavets

SPM at GlobalLogic Kharkiv, президент Київського відділення IIBA

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Constant development, broadening of artistic and personal horizons – those are Dmytro’s life mottos which he has been using for over 10 years of successful work in project management, business development, optimization and implementation of business processes ( Apart from his professional activity, Dmytro works on the development of international standards of business analysis in Ukraine, the extension of the field of its implementation in Ukrainian business, and enhancing of the social status and prestige of business analyst profession. In 2012 Dmytro was the initiator of Kiev Chapter of IIBA opening and was elected its president. Nowadays Kiev Chapter of IIBA focuses on the development and launching of special educational programs and trainings that teach methods and practices of business analysis. He was awarded “The Best Professional in Business Analysis” by IT Ukraine Assoсiation, 2012. Also, he is actively engaged in the popularization of AVATAR methodology (MBTI definition based on physiognomy)”.