Irina Vidal Migallón

Computer Vision & Machine Learning engineer at Siemens Mobility


Irina has a MEng in Electrical Engineering and a MSc in Biomedical Engineering and very soon took a liking to visual problems in Machine Learning and AI: whether it be object detection, segmentation or video retrieval. This has led her to work as a Computer Vision engineer in different industries: from optical biopsy systems at France’s INRIA to surgical planning tools and Augmented Reality applications in the Berlin start-up scene. Every project has shared a common thread: a real-time visual experience for the user while working around hardware limitations. That – and recurring questions on the limits of AI and waking up Skynet. Irina is bent on using breakthroughs in research to power stable products that people can benefit from.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2017 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2017 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
Convention & Exhibition Centre PARKOVY
16 Sep 2017