Kris Kosyk

VP Innovation at SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine

Kris Kosyk holds the position of VP Innovation at SoftServe. Her current mission is to deliver innovations that ensure SoftServe is differentiated, relevant, and competitive on global market. She and her team focus on developing breakthrough concepts that are in the perfect intersection of world-macro trends, technological innovations, industry challenges/opportunities and SoftServe client business needs. Kris has been working at SoftServe since 2003 and has proven to be an outstanding thinker and innovator, whose ideas influenced the whole company many times over the years. She started her career as a QA tester, getting all the way to becoming head of Quality Management Office, defining many of the quality standards that are used till this day. Kris was also first Engagement Manager at SoftServe, and Engagement Director for several years before moving to Consulting Director position, where she was focusing on building and executing approaches of how we do consulting engagements. Her great adaptability and change management skills made her an effective interim head of Design office and Marketing team. In 2016 Kris joined the executive team as Chief of Staff to the CEO, Chris Baker, and contributed to the transformation initiatives at the company level. During 2017 Kris was working in Customer Success organization, helping with Account Development Planning framework and other innovative projects. Apart from her professional life, Kris is frequently involved with many charitable and community initiatives. In 2011 she held the first licenses TEDx event in Ukraine themed “Secrets of Success”. With her vast expertise in tech, business acumen and love for innovation Kris is a frequent speaker at many conferences and events worldwide. In last year Kris launched a personal blog on Telegram platform titled “Shit I Know”, where she shares professional secrets, personal development life hacks, and other things she finds interesting at the moment. Channel already reached almost 10,000 subscribers.

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08 Sep 2018
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