Nadiya Dubyk

Project Manager at SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine

Nadiya Dubyk currently holds the position of Senior Project Manager at SoftServe. During last 2 years Nadia has been working with a program in Smart Agriculture domain covering management and support for different project types – from VR application software development to IoT devices middleware upgrade. Nadia started her career as QC Engineer at SoftServe in 2003, then became unit QC Coordinator, and in 3 years moved to managerial direction taking her first 2 projects as PM. Took part in company CMMI certification initiative as expert and advisor helping managers and teams to build smart and convenient processes at project and company levels. In her role as a Project Manager Nadiya concentrates on project delivery directions as she adores working with people along with building teams and processes, and she proved her knowledge and skills with multiple successful projects already. Besides executing project/program management routine Nadia helps Mentorship Office as a mentor for junior PMs and FMP program applicants.