Nataliya Trenina

Agile Coach, CST, Organizational Development Consultant for Privat Sector & NGO, Україна

Kyiv, Ukraine

I am an Agile coach, managing partner at SCRUMguides, company focused on creating efficient processes and powerful teams. Also I'm a Scrum trainer certified by Scrum Alliance (CST). Having more than 12 years of experience in the technology field, I made a long way from the developer to head of department. I was injected by Agile mindset in 2008, from then my work context was never the same again. From 2009, as a partner and co-owner of SCRUMguides company, I am changing organizations, bring joy and meaning back to workplaces of various companies. I am constantly learning from various world level experts in the field, so that my own knowledge and experience is proven by various certifications – CST, CSP, CSM and CSPO from Scrum Alliance, Authorized ICAgile trainer from ICAgile, Team coach from Ericson International. My practice continues every day with our work with various customers of SCRUMguides. Over five years we have trained, coached, mentored and consulted multiple companies and individuals. To name a few: Levi9, Senturia, KoloGlobal, WinInteractive, NovaPoshta. Below you could find some of references. My passion is organizing & contributing to different Agile communities. With partners we have organised Agile Eastern Europe, AgileBaseCamp и HOTCode conferences. I constantly involved as speaker at different community events like AgilePizza, AgileDays, ITJam. Specialties: Agile with Scrum, Lean Thinking, Lean StartUp & Customer Development, Soft Skills, Organizational development. Sinse May 2014 I work for NGO to brind them more effective process and scale with my professional experience.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2015 Golf Center, Kyiv
12 Sep 2015