Nazar Tymoshyk

Security Consultant Lead, SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine

Nazar Tymoshyk  is a cyber security researcher and writer passionate about Cloud, Web 2.0, Application and IoT Security, Honeypots, Virtual Machine Introspection (his Ph.D. topic) and exploit analysis. Nazar specializes in many security disciplines including IT Management, Penetration Testing, computer forensics, malware analysis, intrusion detection/prevention, and mobile/cloud application security. He is currently leading a top notch highly skilled cyber security team at SoftServe in Lviv (Ukraine). His team execute between 30-40 security attacking/defending and implementation projects annually. Nazar helping with Architecting security products for ISV, retail and healthcare companies making their products actually secure by design, PII/PCI/PHI data, intellectual property and business protected. Nazar also evangelize and setup Security Assurance programs and processes in top US based healthcare and finance companies based on Microsoft SDLC and OWASP SAMM methodology. He and his team helped biggest german automotive company to identify and mitigate critical security defects in IoT connected-car eco-system and safe car owners from remote attacks similar seen in Jeep case.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2015 Golf Center, Kyiv
12 Sep 2015
IT Weekend Ukraine 2016 CEC Parkovy
17 Sep 2016