Oksana Krykun

PdMO Associate Director, SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine

Oksana is an experience IT professional with 6 years of versatile background in different industries from sport and leisure to finance. She was involved in multiple product on different stages of their PDLC: from initiation to maturity. She had the path from CMO in Ukrainian startup, through business analyst and Project manager in several outsourcing companies to the Product Manager. Level 6 Pragmatic Marketing certified. As Product Management Office Leader Oksana indirectly and partially directly leads the team of 26 SoftServe Product Managers, works on the development of their competency to deliver the top-notch product management experience to SoftServe clients as well as to deliver own SoftServe products to the market. Also, she initiates and makes new Product services happen.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2019 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2019 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
Convention & Exhibition Centre PARKOVY
07 Sep 2019