Oleksandr Dolgarev

CTO, Mediasapiens

Kharkiv, Ukraine

During last 10-12 years was a developer, tech lead, team lead, architect, pm and even an administrator and company owner. Worked at Mirantis, Grid Dynamics, Telesens and have perfect references from all of these places. Have knowledge in C, Java, Python, some Scala and Erlang, various DBs, a whole list of Web technologies (yes, I wrote my own web-server). But I believe that the main of my traits are not a huge set of technologies I know but 1) smart, and 2) get things done (and yes, this is by Joel Spolsky). Buzzwords: Java SE/EE 7 (Netty, Akka, MyBatis, OSGi, Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, Android), Python, C99, Big Data (2PB+), High Load (10K simultaneous connections, 100K req/sec), Linux system programming (epoll, aio, TUN/TAP, FUSE, etc.), RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle), NoSQL (Riak, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kyoto Cabinet), IMDG (Oracle Coherence, Memcached), Storage (NAS/IBRIX, SAN/CORAID, LVM2, XFS tuning), Networking (Juniper/NETCONF, openvpn, SSL, Linux native VLAN and Open vSwitch, iptables, policy based routing, SNMP, protocol design), Virtualization (Xen opensource, custom qemu drivers), Amazon (EC2, RDS, S3, and other), Webservers stuff (nginx custom modules, HAProxy, custom FastCGI implementation, custom web server implementation in C99), Debugging/Profiling (gdb, valgrind, perf, Netbeans Profiler, JSwat, VisualVM), GPU (PyCUDA), Old Java EE stuff (EJB 3, Servlets 2, Resin 3, Weblogic), a bit of Scala and Erlang, C++11 (do not like the last one).