Ruslan Kusov

Senior Software Engineer at SoftServe

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ruslan: “Currently I am a Senior Software Engineer (DevOps Software Development) in SoftServe Inc. company in Kyiv. I’ve just started my career way in this company and hope that this position will improve my skills, knowledge, provide me with new invaluable experience. But what did I have before SoftServe. All my professional way is a fight. With myself, with obstacles, with my own comfort zone. I’ll try to change the things around me, to make them easier. I accept all new challenges and do my best to achieve new goals. I started my career in State Tax Inspection. It department. I quickly realized my own responsibility and automized all tasks, that were daily routine before. I spend more time studying new technologies, but understood that without real usage of these new knowledge I just waste my time. For the same reason I changed my second job. After that appeared Exadel with project. Really great team, interesting tasks and the first real challenge for me. All the world started thinking about DevOps methodology and set of practices. Started implementation of DevOps on different project. And I was one of the pioneer on who began adapt DevOps to this project. Basic principles, like IaC (with Puppet, Bash and Python automation scripts), CI/CD (with help of Development teams) were quickly implemented. I learnt AWS cloud services and significantly updated project architecture (used AMI images, AutoScaling groups, automatization for resource deployment), performed network structure and topology update (VPC best practices, added IPv6 support for backend services). As a result stability, scalability, resilience and availability of production environment was improved (up to 99.99% SLA), but at the same time cost spending for production execution was reduced up to 60%. And again I understood that I need to grown up. Need fresh knowledge, difficult and interesting tasks, something new for my career. And I found Thomas Cook – British global travel company. Moreover I realized, that I have a new objective – to be a tutor for other people, that want to extend their skills and abilities, share my knowledge, thoughts and experience in DevOps methodology. I’ve developed this idea for the last few years. And I’ve already had first results. For Thomas Cook I leaded the team (squad) that performed migration of infrastructure to AWS cloud and to microservices architecture with containers and orchestration (in scope of project of integration with 3-rd party travel service). These team met the deadlines and business and technical requirements to that project. As a significant part of our job, there was built from scratch Landing Zone for AWS cloud with proper organization structure, with guaranteed level of security, high availability, scalability and resilience. Team learned AWS cloud and related resources, team members improved their knowledge about Terraform, containers, container orchestration, etc. After that I shared our results for other (mostly Kyiv) DevOps community. In February (2018) I participated in Kyiv Speakers’ Corner, organized by Ciklum with speech. Topic: “Microservices. On the long way to the suspense”. Also in March 2018 for that project I was awarded as a DevOps Engineer of the Year at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards. That was my highest peak (my personal Everest) in Thomas Cook. And it signaled me that it’s ty for new changes and challenges. I’m happy that in SoftServe I can continue my practice. I’ve already had ability to share results of my research about comparison of Kubernetes based containers orchestration solution. Article was shared with SoftServe community through the DevOps group in internal social network. And I participated with speech and presentation in “DevOps: Meet. Work. Fun” event, organized by SoftServe this June. Next plans – GCP certification (during next 2 weeks), AWS and OpenShipt certification (next few months), get new knowledge and experience in Kubernetes and OpenShift, share these information and skills with co-workers and other DevOps engineers. I think, it’s proper time to start my own blog and create YouTube channel. Thank you for reading this information about myself. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. And I wish you all the best! “

IT Weekend Kharkiv: Test Automation & DevOps 2 Nezalezhnosti avenue, Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv
01 Dec 2018