Stephen R. Russo

WW Director for IBM Cognitive City Solutions


Currently Steve is the WW Director for IBM Cognitive City Solutions in IBM’s Watson IoT organization.  Steve has 30 years of experience designing, developing and deploying worldwide technology and City solutions.  In the past 5 years, he has led the creation and growth of IBMs City Solution, Command Control, Physical Security and Public Safety businesses working closely with international officials and public safety experts from around the globe.  Steve is focused on advanced research technology and emerging technologies in a variety of segments. He works very closely with clients on the implementation of technology to improve efficiency to better manage personnel and assets, and to proactively handle threats. He has worked closely with public and private sector on technologies to continuously optimize these solutions.  He has degrees in software and hardware engineering with experience in executive management, as well as industry experience, business and solution development, solution architecture, advanced technology implementation. Stephen as served on the IJIS board of directors.  He also serves on the advisory board for the School of Engineering University of Connecticut and on the Institute for Ethics in Technology of UC University, Lviv, Ukraine. He has also taught under-graduate and graduate classes on emerging technologies and business development worldwide.  Steve has lectured at numerous international conferences and universities. In addition, he holds leadership positions in multiple charitable organizations.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2017 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2017 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
Convention & Exhibition Centre PARKOVY
16 Sep 2017
IT Weekend Ukraine 2018 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2018 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
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