Vadim Kagan

President and a co-founder of SentiMetrix, Inc


Mr. Kagan has over 20 years of experience in the information technology, guiding conceptual research, design, development and maintenance of large-scale applications and systems software.  He has a long record of bringing to the industry the latest research results in data mining, unstructured data categorization and classification and natural language processing by incorporating them into robust applications on the Internet scale. Mr. Kagan is the president and a co-founder of SentiMetrix, He oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and the  development of its technology stack, Mr. Kagan spearheaded company’s efforts on several projects funded by the US government agencies. As a PM on DARPA SMISC – study of information diffusion in social networks – Mr. Kagan led a consortium that included teams from Stanford, RPI and several other companies in developing technology for tracking and forecasting spread of memes and opinions in social networks. A bot detection system that was developed as part of the project helped SentiMetrix team to become the winner of the DARPA Bot Challenge. During the ARL-funded PPAT project, Mr. Kagan oversaw the development of technology to forecast country stability and degree of violence of public protests based on data from open sources and social media. The technology was also successfully applied to tracking and forecasting the spread of the Ebola epidemic. In his role as the PM and Tech Lead for the COPTADS project funded by TATRC, Mr. Kagan lead the team that developed technology to calculate, based on analysis of textual documents, such as blog and forum posts or free-form survey responses, the likelihood that the author of the text may be displaying signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to SentiMetrix, Mr. Kagan worked for over 11 years for America Online (AOL), where he started as the second member of the search technology team. At AOL, Mr. Kagan held multiple positions focusing on technology development and management and let teams ranging in size from 10 to 50 engineers, focusing on data analysis and categorization. Before AOL, Mr. Kagan worked as a programmer-analyst for for Westat, the leading provider of survey services to the US government agencies. Mr. Kagan holds a MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in College Park. Mr. Kagan has multiple publications on applications on Big Data analytics and machine learning applications to real-world problems, including a book on using sentiment analysis for PTSD detection.

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