Valentyn Kropov

Vice President of Retail at SoftServe

Kyiv, Ukraine

Valentyn Kropov is a Vice President of Retail at SoftServe, specializing in the advanced technical solutions for inventory management, demand forecasting, personalization, etc. He is a passionate early promoter of new trends and technologies like robotics, big data, data science, and automation. Valentyn concentrates on behavioral analytics, machine learning, personalization, and other aspects of the retail industry to implement next-generation recommendations, customer experience engines, and augmented analytics. Valentyn is a founder of the Kyiv Big Data Community, the largest Big Data community in Eastern Europe; founder of GeekSpeaks, an IT school where hands-on IT engineers teach new technologies; IEEE and Cloudera author. He is also a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences including Cisco Live, IT Weekend, IT Jam, London Big Data Community, Agile Bootcamp, and Outsource People, among others.

IT Weekend Ukraine 2015 Golf Center, Kyiv
12 Sep 2015
IT Weekend Ukraine 2017 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2017 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
Convention & Exhibition Centre PARKOVY
16 Sep 2017
IT Weekend Ukraine 2019 & Ukrainian IT Awards 2019 16a Parkova Rd, Kyiv, Ukraine
Convention & Exhibition Centre PARKOVY
07 Sep 2019